The modules and this nest are both available on the website?? Sugar what do you mean

Peo wrote:Where can I get the Red acrylic thing on the nest?

https://antkit.uk/collections/accessori ... 9172456070

You change the options to suit the the size of nest your have

Yes, all the nuts come out and the layers separate and you swap the clear top layer
No, they will need to be moved out or removed then clean the nest and replace the window
What I've done in the past is make sure their nest is lit up, put something in the outworld like a large piece of bark to make a dark space for them and they should move there within a few hours, then you can disconnect the nest, plug up the hole, remove the top layer of the nest, tap out any stragglers into the outworld, clean the nest out, replace it, make it dark again, remove the bark and let them move back.
I'm not that experienced of an ant keeper so I don't know if it's the "Right" way to do it, but it always worked for me.
Bark like bark from a tree, basically anything that will create an area of darkness underneath it while leaving space for the ants to hide all their brood there.

Basically you need to clean the nest when it begins to look dirty, lots of ant poo or discarded fragments of feeder insects lying around as this can attract and provide an ideal breeding ground various species of mite which can sometimes harm brood or ants, or if you see Any mould growth as many kinds of mold can be fatal to ants/brood.
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