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By veektoor
I've been after this species for a while and I finally got a colony. I think this is going to be my new favourite colony, I love the coloration and size difference between the huge majors and the relatively small minors.

I received them on Friday and left them to settle for a couple of days before I took any pictures and they seem to be fine with no dead.

I have them housed in a plastic RUB with a clay, sand and gravel substrate. The temperature at the moment is 27° which I might raise slightly depending on how active they are. This is only a temporary setup while Nardimai makes me a custom nest.

I fed them maple syrup which they immediately started drinking and some wax worms which they seemed less bothered with.

*the test tubes make the workers look small when in fact the test tubes are huge. Check out the bottle cap for size reference.


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By milant
Wow they're stunning. Personally I think they'd look better on a white substrate as their gold gasters seem to blend in a little too much
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By Leafcutter
Looking good. I'd say white would look best for taking photos of these. You've probably seen my journal and the Ytong nest I used. This species requires no hydration of their nest. Of course provide water in the outworld, but they are good in dry conditions.
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