By Adam.ant
I have had these for around 4 months now, purchased as a Queens with about 10 workers in November.

I have no idea how to estimate colony size now (maybe someone can give me some tips haha).

They have grown massively and are soon in need of expansion, they are taking 2-3 live small crickets daily. So far I have only had one soldier escape and that was because he was in a test tube I took out to clean.

As you can see in the photos the brood pile is gigantic, the Queen is literally sitting on a mountain of brood!!
By Adam.ant
Yeah it is course isn't is! Got it from the antkit stand at an entomology fayre. Don't know exactly what it is, very dusty when you move it. Allows for good viewing though
By Adam.ant
Morio worm will be turned into an empty shell over night!!!
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By Adam.ant
Oldest generation of workers has died so a large graveyard for me to clean up!!

That massive brood pile is demanding so much protein though, they are eating 4+ small crickets a day and a few pinkies a week.
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