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By milant
My new manica rubida colony which I adopted from a friend is having some serious struggles. There was just two nanitcs and a load of mites. Both nanitics have since died (they were basically dead when I got them). I have since removed the queen from their original test tube, fed her some honey and a mealworm head and placed into a new test tube.

I think my queen might be suicidal or something haha as I've had to rescue her 3 or 4 times from being stuck in puddles of water produced by her pulling apart the cotton wool that holds the water in.

She's going to be a challenge
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By milant
After having a few days of not laying eggs she's yet again laid eggs and caring for them. This is probably her 5th or 6th time attempting to raise her first workers and every time something goes wrong.
She's still being a challenge
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