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By milant
I'm unsure why I didn't make a journal for these all this time but here we go.

Around a year ago I purchased a messor barbarus queen and within that time she's grown from not having any eggs to now 150-200 workers. Last week I moved them out of a antkit size 2 as there was basically no room at all left for them and they're now in my antkit size 4 after my solonopsis geminata decidide to commit genocide against themselves and now are in a size 2.

There's dozens of massive majors ( I think I might of accidentslly being given the red head variant as all the majors have blood red heads. They have a varacious appetite needing a new mealworm and sprinkle of seeds every few days.
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By milant
Side note. Messor barbarus are really hard to raise from no eggs to a thriving colony. I messed up loads of times and see kept eating her eggs. I finally came up with a plan to drill a test tube sized hole into some polystyrene and put the tube into that. That really did the trick due to the noise and vibrations being cancelled out and not disturbing her
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