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By HazeAnt
I have three messor barbus queens in separate test tubes with no eggs right now, I was thinking adding them together for a 3 queen experiment good idea or crazy idea? i know they might end up with one queen but will they forum a peace treaty before then or will they attack each other straight away? opinions would be great thanks! :)
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By rehyn
They would straight away fight to the death most likely. And then even if one did manage to survive in an okay condition, chances are she may stop laying any form of eggs at all and die due to stress (they can be very fickle), though Messor barbarus are quite hardy.
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By veektoor
I agree with rehyn! The best thing to do in my opinion would be to keep the colonies for a year and sell the least productive two.

If you want to try an experiment, I'd suggest keeping the colonies in different setups and see which one does best.

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By Serafine
Don't do it. There are only a few ants that do found multiqueen colonies (like Solenopsis) and even they usually eliminate all but one queen after some time.

Only a very few ants (like yellow crazy ants or argentine invasive ants) do form supercolonies.
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By jonthefish
Messor aciculatus, Messor structor do fine together.
also, Crematogaster sordidula, Formica fusca and Myrmica rubra will often do fine with more than one Queen.
Agree with keeping M. barbarus separated.

Many thanks Jon.

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