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By Bhu Yonten
(dont know if i need to post it here or somewhere else but feel free to move it)

So 4 days ago i caught a Lasius fuliginosus queen. And i want to make a Parasitic ant colony so how do i do this?how do i catch Lasius niger(saw a video of someone starting a colony with Lasius niger) workers and eggs? Can they live in a Ytong nests?
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By MyStupid Ants
I also caught L. Fuliginosus yesterday and all you have to do is look under rocks, lasius niger has tons of larve right under rocks, thrn take a spoon or something snd pick as mush as you can, give the larve in the same test tube as the queen is (btw i reccomend testube for smaller colonys) and she will take them
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By MyStupid Ants
Jeoff82 they wont i tried to give her niger larve today and she ignored it, is it normal for them to be so active cuz she is keep looking for ways to escape
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By MyStupid Ants
I will wait for the testubes to arrive and i will put her there and in the dark with some larve and give her food, and i will leave her alone for a week and see whats up

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