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By MoonAnts
Welcome to the Journal for my Lasius niger.

The queen was caught on July 19, 2016 at 3:30pm
She started laying eggs the day after I caught her

Royalty herself

Her brood

She is very gentle with her brood and keeps it safe under her body

She's neat and keeps everything clean.
My other Lasius queen has her brood spread out all over the test tube walls. :D

I'll try to update regularly and post about how it's going.

... to be continued
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By MoonAnts
Well, after a bit of time of not being online I finally managed to take Pictures and get a free minute to post them. :)

The queen
20160826_145450-1.jpg (732.97 KiB) Viewed 5333 times

Queen and brood

(Question: I think I caught a Lasius flavus last week {not entirely sure as I'm waiting for the first worker}, should I make a new journal or put both journals in here? And mark them with Lasius Niger and Lasius Flavus )
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By Dan
It's up to you about the journals. With two sole queens, it might be better keeping them both in one journal, but do separate posts. If you gather quite a collection in the future, you can get a sub-forum, and I can manually separate this journal into flavus and niger.
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By MoonAnts
Lasius Niger

So, two days ago I decided to put a piece of cotton wool soaked in sugar water into the test tube.
I know my queen is claustral but I still wanted to try. I removed the food after 24 hours (yesterday) and took pictures today. I noticed that the abdomen of my queens looks swollen compared to the first weeks. The inside seems kinda white as you can see on the pictures below.
I know it could be the sugar water but I'm still a bit concerned it might be a parasite. The white stuff inside the abdomen doesn't move by the way.




Lasius Flavus (?)

This is the queen I caught roughly 3 weeks ago. I'm not entirely sure if it's really a Lasius Flavus so I put a (?) behind it.
I fed sugar water 2 days ago as well, removed it yesterday and took picture today.
Her abdomen is a bit swollen too.


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By Antwedgle
I wouldn't worry about the swolen gaster, she laid her eggs fine so it's unlikely there's anything nasty going on. It's probably just the sugar water.
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By Leafcutter
It is normal, she's either had a lot of sugar water to drink or become physogastric (meaning she will lay lots of eggs soon).
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By MoonAnts
Lasius Niger

Not much going on here. She'll probably hibernate without any nantics but that's fine.

Doing good


Lasius Flavus (?)

Last time I checked (2 days ago) she only had larvae and eggs but now...

20160920_181650-1.jpg (708.28 KiB) Viewed 5200 times

20160920_181902-1.jpg (684.2 KiB) Viewed 5200 times

... Pupae! I don't know how many bc I don't want to disturb her for too long but I'm still happy! :party:
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By MoonAnts
Lasius Flavus (?)

I hadn't had checked on my queen for a week and decided to take a look today.

~ I'm currently in the state of preparing for hibernation and checking if my Incubator is working right. ~

Well, when I checked I saw...

20161019_152235-1.jpg (487.21 KiB) Viewed 5131 times

... the first nantics eclosed! :-D
... I'm reeeeally excited and hope they'll survive their hibernation.

Any tips on using Incubators? I have the Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II plus two thermo-/hygrometers. Thanks! :)
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By Zoron
Looks like Lasius Flavus has a yellowish rust color
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By MoonAnts
~ Short Update ~
Both of my colonies are hibernating now.
My last Incubator was broken so I got a new one. It works perfectly fine and the ants are doing good! :)
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By MoonAnts
~ Long time no see! ~

I don't have my Lasius niger queen anymore because I gave her to a friend. I heard she's doing good.

My Lasius flavus colony had a turbulent year. She made it to 23 workers but lost 19 in an accident. So far she has worked her way up to 11 workers (again). The colony lives in a soil set up with their chambers deep into the soil. Of Course out of eyesight. :P
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