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my camponatus ligniperdus arrived a week back and i'll give a quick run through off whats happend since then shortly
i got the ants from antkit. a queen and seven workers and put the test tube into a outworld that was an old fish tank with some sand and a log in it.

the log went moldy after i was away for 4 days so i moved them out of the out world and sealed up the test tube and put them in my cupboard.

to help the queen deal with the stress i put some honey in the test tube. as the test tube was tilted the honey slowly made its way down to the queen and brood and would have drowned then if i didn't remove it quick

should i leave them in the test tube for now?
am i bad at this?
are these the normal colours for a camponatus ligniperdus
shes a very menacing violet .
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By jeoff82
looks pretty normal to me. This species does well if not stressed/disturbed often. They will also be dormant this time of year. I would leave them in the test tube sealed up and check on them once every couple of weeks without moving the tube.
ok. thanks.
what's the ideal temperature to hibernate them I've got them at 12c i can cool this down but i have no way of heating it.
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By Dan
0-15C is the ideal temperature. Don't feed ants honey, unless diluted. The best thing is sugar water (3 part water with 1 part sugar dissolved in it). It's also better, as you have workers, to attach a small outworld or place the test tube into a small outworld so you are not placing food directly into the test tube. Good luck!
thanks and no ones this helpful on the ant's canada ant forums
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By 1000101010
i've finished making the formicarium (is that how it's spelt.) and outworld

the formicarium is made out of a tic tac box and a pen with some pinecone husk-seed-shell-things in it. the 13mm tubing fits perfectly in the tic tac box.

and the outworld

do ants like pine-cones?
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By Dan
Your photo links were broken, you had an extra img tag each side of the links.

Yes, formicarium is the singular and formicaria is the plural. I don't imagine ants would particularly like or dislike pine cones, but it gives a nice natural look.
OK thanks and i don't know how to do the pictures properly
my ant's are now hibernating i checked on them this morning and if i didn't know better i'd of thought the queen was dead (i did until i remembered i was hibernating them.). the temperature is probably a bit warm for hibernation so i'll give the workers some honey (diluted this time) every couple weeks. i haven't moved them into the formicarium yet nor put them into the out world (i didn't make a space for the test tube.) so i'll be leaving that till spring.
i've moved them into my shed i was originally putting it off because i didn't know the temperature but it was 2c this morning and outside was -3c so i think it will be okay. i've also found a shop that sells plaster of paris so tic tac box mk2
or maybe i could do something fancy with the outworld.
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just did my weekly checkup there alive altho not much has happened as to be expected .
go look at anyone else's photos, then look at mine :(

i don't even remember taking this one
i've taken them out of hibernation. they seemed like they'd had enough as when i checked on them the queen waddled to the front of the test-tube to say hi.

i have also given them some blood worms and a honey/berry mix.
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