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By Hogy-Bear
Queen Δημήτηρ(Demeter) and queen Ἥρα (Hera) have waken from their winter slumber.

What was a tough start for the two young queens has quickly picked up.

Queen Hera has surprised me with her new daughters bringing her future prosperity. She and her daughter are gearing up for a huge growth soon now that they are awake once more. It is predicted that she will have to shed her little test tube and find a bigger dwelling.

Her unfortunate neighbour Queen Demeter has had a tough couple of months with only 6 daughters. And not much brood. But all is not lost, they have only become active in the last hour and her Nobel daughters immediately brought her grain to help bring forth a new generation. One can only hope she starts laying soon.
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By AaronT
Hello Hogy-Bear, Greetings from Southeast Ireland. Best of luck with your two colonies, I hope things pick-up for Queen Demeter. :-D
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By Cyrus01
Yes a fun way of writing it. Hopefully things will get better for queen Demeter. I look forward to reading more.
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By Hogy-Bear
Okay so its been a while. All my messor Queens except two are gone to friends. I will hijack this to tell their story. This is a colony that fused and that somehow didn't hate each other (or came to a mutual agreement of no violence) since the queens now live together I will call them Sterope and Merope. I find this quiet fitting as in Greek mythology these were sisters as part of Pleiades. Once I move them into their new setup (hopefully soon) I will take pictures.

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