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By Jinjernut
I have ordered 2 queens with 10 - 18 workers from antshungary and the should arrive any day now, i am planning to introduce them and create a 2 queen colony if all goes well, here is the setup i have built to house them
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By Jinjernut
It is a plastic aquarium soil setup, i have used 2 layers of plastic insect netting to keep the soil from gradually decending into the stones and becoming over soaked, the pipe pertruding from the soil goes all the way to the base of the tank so i can add water to the stones, the idea is that the water will slowly evaporate and keep the soil moist without me having to spray it regularly, also springtails should be able to pass through the net to drink if i choose to add them, also i mixed charwood/charcoal into the soil so it would be perfect for plants if i decide to add them, the only thing i have left to do is to drill a hole in the side for future expansion, i just hope the ants take well to it
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By veektoor
I would put some mesh over the top of your water pipe so workers can't get in there and drown when you fill it up.

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By Jinjernut
The queens arrived!! Unfortunately one of the test tubes was smashed, however both queens are fine as far as i can tell, there were a couple of dead workers that had escaped, i will email antshungary and inform them about the issue, however the queens survived so i cant complain too much
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By Jinjernut
This morning both queens were still alive and separate, one had began to place soil in the entrance to her test tube, the other hadnt done much, she seemed to be much less active than than queen 1
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By Jinjernut
A worker from the broken tube met the queen from the intact tube and they didnt attack eachother, they were very unsure though, lots of twitching
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By milant
Gh0st SK wrote:
milant wrote:And if it falls apart rename one to Ireland and the other northern island

Or EU and UK

Call whichever colony survives brexit
By Gh0st SK
Jinjernut wrote:I was thinking something like "Brokenite Clan" and "Fortunata Tribe" something cool not something comedic

Something cool? What about The Empire

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