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By Cyrus01

I finally got round to decorating the messors outworld, not bad for a first attempt.
I made it out of the outworld by making a acrylic tray the same size as the outworld. I filled the tray with grout, topped with a small stone, a twig, a plastic plant and sand. Once set I removed the acrylic sides and the two ikea pencils marking the access holes.
It took a little sanding to give it the snug fit I wanted. But I can now remove and change if I want to.

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By Cyrus01
Wow this colony is growing, at last count I was at 90+ workers. Its getting impossible to get accurate count now. I rarely see the queen now, she is normally deep inside a mound of workers all pushing together at the far end of the test tube. I have read that this is a sign they are preparing for hibernation. I wasn't planing to do that till October/November for the messors. There main nest is the test tube, that's were the queen with her brood and most of the workers live. But the size two antkit nest is starting to get a lot of use. Today there was 40+ workers in it. The colony seams to have settled in to their new decorated home and have established their dumping ground on top of the temperature/humidity probe. Which makes cleaning a lot easier. But humidity is still high from the new grout decoration, but at least it has dropped from 99% in the last week.



Colony stats
Workers: 90+
Brood: Yes
Temp: 20.6 degrees
Humidity: 72%
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By Cyrus01
My colony of Messor Barbarus have now started the process of hibernation. This is their first winter & first time in hibernation.

Colony stats
Workers: 110+
Brood: yes

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