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Hi all,

Thought I would make a little journal for this colony I have. Maybe 50+ colony with several majors. Extremely shy, yet aggressive and completely nocturnal :-(

I've had this colony for a month or so in a temporary housing but made a custom outworld for them. I purchased a small and medium acrylic formicarium nest from Antkit but everything else is what I've made myself. I left the small formicarium with light on so they move into main nest in the vids.

So there was a big move and was really fun watching. It was instant as soon as I placed them inside the outworld they went from test tube to nest in minutes, guess they enjoyed it! I made several short vids I'll post up.

Mixed seeds (almost any seed they can carry),
Sugar/honey/maple syrup water (although only seen drinking once when first purchased colony),
Insects: woodlouse/fruit flies/crickets (they love woodlouse)
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Ill post some pics of the outworld etc later when I can be asked. There's not much to be said about them really lol I never see them. They don't move until I turn the lights out, almost pointless to keep really. I have other species that are much more rewarding to watch than these Messor barbarous. I wouldn't recommend them really....

Does anyone have Messor barbarous that are NOT nocturnal?

I love seeing the majors carry extremely large seeds or insect. They're ridiculously strong, they make my other species of ants look so weak. Very sensitive to movement or light.
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