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By Zag
So, I have known for a while that this species lived in the woods around my house and I have kept a mature wild caught Colony of them for a few weeks untill releasing them.
This time I have gone into a mature colony and taken a small split, 1 of the Queen's, several workers and some eggs. I have had them for about a week now and some of the eggs have hatched into some well sized larva and they have been taking most of the food I offer them (Dubias, jelly's, random insects and honey)

They seems pretty active but run away at the first sign of any danger.
Larval growth seems to be quite fast aswell although this might just be after keeping messors for ages.

The photos show a worker eating a dubia roach leg and then the rest of the colony, the queen is identifiable from her black colour and wide thorax.

I'll try and keep this updated as and when interesting things happen, hoping that this colony will be able to reach it's mature size of a hundred or so workers and then I will most likely release it back from where I took it.

Here's to a successful colony [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]ImageImageImageImage
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