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By Gh0st SK
3 weeks ago i have caught 2 formica rufibarbis queens, i have tried merging them but i failed one of the queens died in the process. Both queens had a brood so i ajve decided to brood boost the queeen that survived with the brood from the queen that died.

18.7.2017 (5 pm): i have decided to look at the queen and her brood to my surprise i saw 2 red-brown workers! I gave them a drop of honey and they aet it all. I went to eat something and when i came back (not even 10 minutes) i saw 1 completelly white almost transparent worker!

Queen still has around 8 pupae ready to hatch, i am so happy that she was able to raise her brood and is so active.remairing pupae should hatch in couple of days.

Thanks for reading my first add to my journal i will add to this journal weekly.

I am sorry if my english isnt great because i am still learning:)

I will try to get some pictures in the next week.
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By jeoff82
The queen has workers and pupae after 3 weeks? Or have you caught these after they had already established a nest? Please would like to see some pictures. Are you keeping them in a test tube setup?
By Gh0st SK
i have caught her with her wings wandering around :D.I am keeping them in a test tube setup.Sadly currently i cant post any pictures because my phone camera is really bad.I will post some pics as soon as i can with another camera :).I was really surprised that this colony has workers sooner than my tetramorium.
By Gh0st SK
Gh0st SK wrote:.I was really surprised that this colony has workers sooner than my tetramorium.

First tetramorium worker hatched today !+ my formica colony now has 6 workers
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By Squimbles
I see the basic setup. Looks good. Hatchlings after 3 weeks are brilliant!
By Gh0st SK
Nothing has really happened queens has laid some eggs and all the pupa has hatched (12 workers i think)
I feed them chicken,tuna and honey.
I have added an outworld to their setup so i can feed the easily, they try to drag everything i feed them into the testube.

I will be leaving tomorow for 7 days and i dont know if they can last 7 days without any protein what do you think?I will leave some noney in their outworld so it shouldnt be a problem.
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