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By Zoron
Hello and welcome to my journal/log of events!
Feel free to comment.

A big event just happened today with one of my ant colonies! My beloved to be Camponotus queen just unwrapped a cocoon of an early nantic. When I checked up on the queen she was just finishing removing the last bits of the silk insnaring the workers legs. However I found it odd that the nantic was just the same dark exoskeleton as the queen. However it hung from the ceiling for about an hour before doing anything else. Perhaps this species has no noticeable change in pigment from newly emerged workers and older workers. This is a very exciting stage of development for my colony.

To celebrate I added in a water bottle cap some watered down concentrated honey. I haven't seen the queen or nantic take any immediate interest in going to the out-world to retrieve any. Unusual. Anyway thanks for reading. I'll keep you updated!
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By Squimbles
Can't wait to hear more, any pictures?
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