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By Zoron
Camponotus Log
2017 (Estimated dates)
July 16th - Queen and eggs chilled in fridge 12 minutes. Following I placed the queen inside the new nest with the eggs place just in the put just outside the nest in a mini outworld.
July 17th - sugar water introduced to de-stress queen after a stressful episode of the 16th.

July 10th
Species: Camponotus Pennsylvanicus (x1)
Time: 20:15-20:25
Rough weather conditions (windy, clear skies, dark) warm
Location (nearest city or better): USA, CT, Hartford
Brief summary (of what you saw): Walking into my garage as I got home. :-D (My lucky day!)
Camponotus queen caught prancing into the garage after getting home from the gym! Who knew. They will surprise you when they show up. As they did here! Caught at about 9pm.
first eggs observed
July 28th - First Worker!
July 29th - Watered down honey introduced
August 1st - First worker seems dead. (2 pupa entering final stage of development. Cocoons)
August 14th - One pupa seems to be hatching but not fully emerged...
August 15th - One pupa now has a slit in the top where antenna or legs protrude it is moving on its own however the queen seems to be busy with another pupa that is very dark on the inside she is having trouble opening it because there is a egg attached to where she wants to bite.
August 16th - Assisted Ant Hatching (AAH) used on struggling pupa.
August 17th - AAH successful ant is happy as an ant could be! Free from my silken caged! Now helping the queen out with pupa and larva! Today my two tetramorium colonies also just hatched their first workers! I need to feed them something soon SUGGESTIONS? (post below!)

Tetramoriums or pavement ants are small

As the Campanotous or Carpenter ants are Large ants.

I will need food suggestions for both. What will their first meal be??

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