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By Leafcutter
Daubz1977 wrote:
Leafcutter wrote:
Daubz1977 wrote:Yes mate i cant wait, im really excited but also a little bit scared. Ive gone for separate pods so i can keep adding to it and because i am keeping them in my loft im going to have metres of tubing and several outworlds to feed them from so i can keep them guessing by feeding them in different places... once the colonys bigger

The early stages are the most difficult as the Queen is subject to stress, but I'm sure you'll be able to manage. A tip for when the colony is settled in is to get some fresh chemical-free privet and chop it up into small fragments and scatter them on top of the fungus directly. I'd only do this if the workers aren't cutting leaves as that tends to be the issue in a small colony, and also make sure the leaves are not too far away from the fungus garden itself.

Thanks for the tip mate. I will document my setup in my journal formica but my setup will grow with my colony.

Keep us all updated Daubz, BTW my AntCam is on the Atta colony if anyone was wondering :D.
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By Daubz1977
Will do mate.
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By RobJ
Leafcutter wrote:Qr Bbpost BTW my AntCam is on the Atta colony if anyone was wondering

wow looks cool
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By Leafcutter
Yes, I also hoped it would have lasted longer, but the truth is, there were so many flaws in the design of the set up; which I didn't foresee when building it. I've had my time with leaf cutting ants and I've learnt that they are uncontrollable in colony size. They'll chew at anything that is chewable and make life difficult.

Stick with other ants, I rarely see private colonies reaching more than 2 years old, mainly because of the exponential growth which makes it difficult to keep and space is also a limiting factor.
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By Empire of the Ants
Let's hope other people read this journal and take some of your advice and knowledge. I bet the upkeep was pretty tough or time cosuming by the time they grew into a large colony.

Once again, well done tho buddy! I was hoping to have that coffee n Danish viewing lol.

I was watching the AntsCanada guy's large colonies, I think he kept his colony for a while until they got too large and then released them back into the wild. Guess that's one of the issues.
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