Guides on general ant keeping
Update 27/03/17 00:23 - Will be adding a huge dump of information later this week. Have been in London, working on a couple of Uni reports and sculpting a new formicarium. The foods and a good part of environment will be complete. Thank you for the patience.


Update 13/03/17 00:23 - Very sorry for the shortfall in getting this out. Still working on it, just taking quite a long while to get it to a state I am happy with it as just want it to be good or at least the best I can make it.

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QUICK NOTE!!!: This Is Still Under Construction. This Thread Has Been Made As I Am Currently Working On Formatting. Most Information Is Already Written In A Word Document. I Hope To Have Most Sections Completed By The End Of The Weekend. The Exceptions Will Be The Final 3 Posts Due To Their More Scientific Nature Which I am Expecting To Take A Considerably Longer Time To Produce To A Standard I Am Happy About. This Message Will Be Removed Once The Guide Is Complete. Expect Continuous Updates And Alterations To Be Made Regularly Over The Next Few Days. Thank You.

Please Excuse The Ambiguous Title And Thread Name. It Is Purposefully Broad Because Of The Broad Number Subjects It Contains


The aims of this guide is to cover a handful of subjects in hopes to address and cover several commonly asked questions before you even need to pose the question. It will be displayed through several separate posts each focused on their topic name. For contents please read below.


Post 1
- Introduction
- Contents
- Format Information
- Disclaimer

Post 2: Live Foods
- Introduction
- Morio Worms
- Meal Worms
- Wax Worms
- Fruit Flies
- Cockroaches
- Spiders

Post 3: Other Foods
- Introduction
- Meat
- Fruits
- Seeds
- Liquids (Including Honey)
- Pet Foods
- Can My Ants Be Vegetarian?

Post 4: Environment
- Introduction
- Formicarium / Ant Nest
- Out Worlds
- Escape Prevention
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Custodians

Post 5: Ant Biology (General)
- Introduction
- Diversity of Ants
- Anatomy
- Factors & Effects
- Disclaimer
- References

Post 6: Fungi, Mold & Yeasts
- Introduction
- Diversity
- Common Types
- What to Look For
- Negative Effects On Ants
- How To Prevent
- Custodians
- Positives To Fungi, Mold & Yeasts
- References

Post 7: Mites
- Introduction
- Where They May Come From
- Types Of Mites
- Predatory Mites
- "Hitch Hikers"
- Common Harmless Mites
- How To Get Rid Of Mites
- References

Format Information
Each thread post will be based on a single subject. There will be a lot of spoilers which will contain the bulk of the information. This is to prevent "Overloading" someones device or internet connection if they are slow. Each Sub title will be displayed by an image banner which will not be hidden via a spoiler so that navigation is easy. There will be lots of images which contain information or to compliment the format. All information is written up on a word document and checked before posting onto the guide. Information may be added and / or removed with discretion. I will provide plenty of links to sources of information used and sources containing more information. I will provide a personal star rating out of 5 for certain subjects such as live food.

I have no ties to any website, store, book or video which I provide below. Some sections are speculative and assumption made on information gathered. The star rating is my personal opinion. Others and yourself may disagree with my comments and information. It is important to not take this as gospel however I will always attempt to be as accurate as possible and provide links to information & reference where I can. I write this disclaimer only in hopes to preventing "Flaming". All criticism and corrections are welcomed. All other methods are welcomed. Suggestions are welcomed.
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Post 2: Content To Be Added!






General Overview Table

As Food For Ants
(Content to be added soon)

How To Culture



Useful Links

Some Websites Which Sell

Useful Websites

Useful Guides

Useful Youtube Videos






Dubia Cockroach

Ghost Porcelain & Porcelain Cockroach

Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

Red Runner Cockroach

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Post 10: Anticipating needing. Facing problems at the moment with too much text to submit I believe + may make custodians into its own subject + formicariums & Outworlds as well. Problem I'm kind of having is information is just leading onto almost feeling like I have to explain the next thing :P. To save space as well now trying to try compact a lot of info into a table like on ANTSTORE in order to lower the count and make it more digestible.
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