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By Jim
This forum seems a bit slow! i.e not very many replies.

Do ant keepers go into hibernation too, or are they shy and elusive?

Perhaps I should come back in March, lol.


P.s best ant species to keep?
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By Jim
What was the disaster exactly? I know they stopped trading for a while etc and they don't stock stuff they used to?
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By Cyrus01
It is a shame how the forum does seam to have gone very quiet. But people need a break as well as ants.
I still find it useful to look back over old threads. I don’t feel I know enough yet about ant keeping to be commenting with help on most other people’s topics. Hopefully in March it may pick up again.
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By Leafcutter
Forum activity does reduce when coming into hibernation period.
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By scarletAsh
Sorry to bump an older thread but sometimes every things going so well that it just doesn't leave much to talk about.
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By Cyrus01
Just ordered a new set up from Eden Formicaria for my lasius niger after hibernation. Looking forward to showing you all in March.

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