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By blanknarzji
its been about 1 year since i have been introduced in this amazing world of ant keeping . no wonder i hav some really nice ants which were caught near my home town . and yes it was caught during thier nuptual flight . and yes now i m not a noobie ant keeper anymore , yet not as much learned as u all in this forum and the other antkeepers.
some of the fine colonies i brought up from a scratch to a full fledge colony :
1) solenopsis gemenita , yes hard too keep yet are very fun to watch (500 or more workers)
2) polyrachids rastelleta , both the qweens are doing well in thier soil chamber on the branch ( max 200 workers)
3) polyrachids bicolour , she is doing well in side a bamboo nest abt 200 workers
4) camponotus vagus , she and her sisters r doing well inside a log nest abt 100 workers , including majors
5) pheidole noda , she is just in a testube set uo currently , abt more than 100 workers .

this ant keeping hobby is smething i never feel boored abt.
lastly i wold be looking forward for u all in helping me in my hobby. :-)

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