Your ant formicarium building projects can be put in this section.
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By veektoor
I'm thinking of using a piece of java wood similar to the picture below with leaves and sticks to create a birds nest kind of effect.


I plan on using a heat cable weaved through the nest to and encourage them to use the "birds nest" instead of the substrate.

This will probably go into my oecophylla smaragdina enclosure after I build them a new one. viewtopic.php?t=2035

Would this be suitable or is there anything inherently wrong with this design, any feedback would be appreciated.

Cheers, Veektoor.
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By formica123
Polyrhacis are really easy to keep, very calm and nice looking too. I recommend you give them a thin layer of coco-fiber with some small twigs/bark on the floor so that they can adjust their nest, unlike orcophylla they generally don't weave very much until colonies are quite large, so while the colony is young I'd reccomend using test tubes suspended in the tree first
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By andavane
I wonder exactly how you would 'weave the cable'.
I get jittery if ants have direct contact with a heating cable.

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By milant
andavane wrote:two wonder exactly how you would 'weave the cable'.
I get jittery if ants have direct contact with a heating cable.

the ants wont go near it if they think its too hot. if theyre touching it it means it doesnt harm them
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By veektoor
So I've ordered a two queen and 40-50 worker Polyrhachis dives colony from antkit that I'll be receiving in the new year.

I'm thinking of using a 300mm ×300 mm acrylic tray to act as a moat which will be raised to allow a heat mat to be placed underneath. Inside the tray i will place a 200mm ×200mm ×200mm acrylic 5 sided display box.

I'll use eco earth as a substrate with leaf litter, different grade orchid barks, twigs and moss.

https://unverified_seller/collections ... t-included

Cheers, Veektoor.
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By andavane
Sounds interesting.
Wanna see the pics when they're up. It make help determine whether my first Indian Queen is indeed a polyrachis.
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