Here you can post the links to ant websites which provide good information for antkeepers.
By alex
I have just found these links ... cutter+ant

I knew honey ant are being eaten by locals for the high sugar content, but I didn't know there was and entire cousine specializing in ants!!!!!

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By Dan
Look at it this way: 6 months ago, did you ever imagine there was an entire industry and society in the keeping of ants?
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By AntsTimeJans
Dan wrote:Look at it this way: 6 months ago, did you ever imagine there was an entire industry and society in the keeping of ants?

No, but I wish I did! :D
By alex
True Dan, ditto what AntsTimeJans says: no, but I wish I did :-)
By Kit
Personally I don't see people in the west ever eating ants, or insects as food, on a regular basis. Unless companies get on board and decide they can make massive profits from it by saturating us with advertising on why we need insects. Even in countries where insects are traditionally eaten, in the rest of the developing world, an obsession with western culture is causing a shift away from eating insects, especially in China.

Insects are covered in hard exoskeleton, which is not exactly something you want to be eating at every meal. Picking out legs and pieces of exoskeleton out of my teeth after every meal doesn't sound like my idea of a satisfying meal. Plus I am unsure how healthy it would be to eat such high protein food, that has high amounts of exoskeleton, at every meal.

I guess insects are more environmentally friendly to produce, use less water and land etc. But for a kilo of ants as opposed to a kilo of beef, you have thousands of lives being lost as opposed to one. There are different ways to look at things other than from a merely environmental perspective.

I also am not particularly fond of the idea of eating an animal whole, digestive tract and all. We don't eat mammals whole. So why eat insects whole.

Personally I am not convinced by the notion of insects as food becoming main stream. To me it seems like every other industry, something we don't necessarily need, but is being pushed onto us by people wanting to make money.

Also I get tired of the '80% of countries eat insects' figure they use to justify why we need to eat insects. Everyone seems to have forgotten peoples and cultures are different, and that's ok.

What amazes me is how cheap these Leafcutter queens are as opposed to how much they go for alive. Also it surprises me people are so quick to eat the queens, as when you see the potential they have to create an entire colony consisting of their own babies, of the promise of new life they bring, you have to wonder how people can not be fascinated by that, and instead only see them as food. When you consider most queens have about a 90% mortality rate it's almost a luxury and indulgence to consume them as food.
By Kit
Interesting these are Atta laevigata, which is one of the largest Leafcutter species!

I have seen videos online of people preparing leafcutter queens, but they remove the body and leave the abdomen.

Don't get me wrong, I think insect protein will be a big thing in the future.

Coconut flour is being sold in stores now, it's only a matter of time before we see insect flour being sold alongside it. The world is changing. If you wanted something to invest in or make money from, I would put my bet on edible insects.
By Kit
Seems Australian restaurants are selling OS as desserts. Only catch is they are alive! With all the restrictions one has to go through to set up a food business here, and yet they allow animals to be eaten alive. Total joke of a country we have here. Nobody here appreciates OS.
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By ManicaLuca
Guess you don't watch I'm A Celebrity?
By Kit
No. I don't understand eating animals live and calling it food. But that is just me. We have a noma pop up restaurant here in Australia at the moment and they too are serving ants apparently. Honestly I think it shows how dumb people are, paying that type of money for something they could go out and find themselves. You won't believe this article about one of their pop ups in Japan. ... rant-japan
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By RobJ
I recently watched the documentary where a tribe survived with fishing and ants by digging them up and eating them which is fair enough.
What I do not like is places like Amazon ect selling cooked ants, queens ect as a as gimmick mostly for youtubers to eat on video for entertainment. It's not a real food they have a taste for, its all a bit unneeded and clearly not for survival or out of need.

Just look at the name of the brand. Crunchy critters. That's a hallmark brand *NOT* it's all for a bit of a joke and that's what I don't like.

Sorry to go on a bit but this does tick me off and not many things do and as a ant lover I guess more so.


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