Here you can post the links to ant websites which provide good information for antkeepers.
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By RobJ
New videos every week so do hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Ant videos, helpful tutorials on ant-keeping, housing & more with fun and interesting series.
I will be holding giveaways just to spread the ant love.


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By RobJ
A fresh batch of mini outworlds are now for sale via my website Link- ... i-outworld
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By RobJ
1000 Subscriber Giveaway

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By RobJ
veektooru wrote:I had a few issues with your site, you may want to check it out from a mobile.

I enjoy your content so that's constructive criticism not me being an arse :).

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Ok. I will look on my iPhone in the morning.

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By RobJ
I've had a look at it and changed a few things to help with mobile viewing
Hey, Could you do a video comparing antkit nests 1-8 next to each other, giving the dimensions and maybe give examples of how many ants each could hold. These are quite common questions on the forum especially size 4 as people see the starter kit as a deal without considering the size. It would be really handy to have a youtube link people can follow with an indepth look at the size differences.

Cheers, V.
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