Here you can post the links to ant websites which provide good information for antkeepers.
By Mypetbugfarm
Hi everyone!
We are making a game, called "MyPetBugFarm".
It's a game for Windows, where you build and manage an ant nest (and later on we're also going to add other bugs like bees, bumblebees,...).
At this moment, the game is not ready yet, and we need a bit of help to get it finished.
Are you interested in this game? Please go take a look and back us on the crowdfunding website "Kickstarter" before November 13th 2015:

What do you think? Feel free to comment here, on Steam Greenlight or on Kickstarter, and we will get back to you!

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Welcome to the forum and Good Luck with your KS campaign!
By Mypetbugfarm
Thank you for this warm welcome! :D As an antlover myself I would really like this game to realize its full potential...
By Nile Antboy
could you start with a queen after the nuptial flight and mayby you could start with a semi clastural queen (queen that hunts during founding stage)
By Mypetbugfarm
I could and I will ;) This will be one of the difficulty settings I was talking about in the Kickstarter videoclip. Even the choice of feeding on eggs or letting them hatch will be part of tactical choices you will have to make.

However, to keep MyPetBugFarm a game I will also include a less realistic tutorial. In this tutorial the male ant will be your first worker. I know this does not in any way resemble the real world, but it makes for a funny storyline.

In sandbox-mode the level of realism and starting parameters will be chosen by you yourself.

Thank you for the very good question! And I hope enough people back the project so it can be released! So spread the word and back it back it back it please!!
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By ManicaLuca
I would love to back the project but I think that maybe by not including IOS and Android it's appeal may be limited. Based on the forum statistics, more than 80% of our members use their mobile device.

I was a developer in a past life and grew up playing SimAnt so a new ant game on any platform would be fantastic.
By Mypetbugfarm
Thank you for your feedback, Luca! I would love to make it an app, but I do not think android has sufficient screensize and computing capability... However it is mostly made in C, which is easily convirted to these platforms, but initially Windows will have to be our starting platform. You should check out "prototype defense" which chose the obvious limitations of an android device (overheating number of units vs gamespeed and screensize vs user friendly interface).

I hope you will back us anyway, because after all that's the great thing about Kickstarter, you don't lose your money if we can't reach the goal in the time set! ;)
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By ManicaLuca
I'm a bit of a KS junkie. I've backed many projects and lost money on a lot of projects too.

I hope yours does well and i've made a small contribution although I couldn't play it (Mac user here)
By Mypetbugfarm
Thank you so much!!! You just made my day! ;) Thank you for believing in us! It's a big support for us. You can send the images of your garden to [email protected] if you want, and we will make your garden as a garden map in the game. It's a shame that you won't be able to play it...
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By formica123
I'm too young to pledge money - however I'm definetely going to buy this game when it comes out!

The only thing I can offer is lit mites knowledge I guess :)

Although yeah, definetely try and make it mobile friendly if it's possible . Would make it 10x easier for me to play :)
By Mypetbugfarm
Don't worry about it, formica 123, we don't expect a pledge from everyone, we just hope to reach our goal so we can finish the game, because shortly I will have to find other means of income to support my 3 children... So if you know people who would like this game too and can pledge, be sure to tell them about it! Spread the word as much as you can ;) because every 1 euro can help us to reach that goal...
But I'm already very happy with your support here, and the fact that people are interested in the game makes me very happy!

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