Discussion relating to ants kept in different types of mediums, soil, sand etc.
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By nortorn
Yes, there are.
If you water the nest on a regular basis, which is necessary for most species, it will get moldy pretty fast.
This won't happen if you keep a species like Camponotus ligniperdus in it as they don't need a moist nest at all. However, they can easily chew through the cork. These are only 2 downsides of probably a few more. To keep Camponotus ligniperdus in it, just use an aluminum frame or similar. I can't suggest it for any species that need moist nest areas.
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By ManicaLuca
I agree, cork nests have a short shelf life. They are unsuitable for ants that need a moist environment and for those that like it dry also by fate happen to be experts at chewing ie. Carpenters, crematogastor, messor etc.

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By 1000101010
if they have good ventilation and some dirt/sand for the ant's to play with they can last a big longer

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