Discussion relating to ants kept in different types of mediums, soil, sand etc.
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By Dan
I use the AntKit stuff, but I'm waiting for it to come back in stock.
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By scarletAsh
Be careful with what Grout you do use. I used Unibond 3 in one in two outworlds. I let them dry a few days and resulted in some ant deaths so left for a longer period of time to vent and after a few weeks had the same effect of killing ants by the fumes it was continuing to release. Go with Antkits i just to play it safe perhaps. Plaster of paris is safe though as well and easily obtainable from and arts and crafts store. PoP does dry quite quick though making it hard to get everything put in place securely but planning the lay out ahead will enable you to swiftly do that. Keep PoP dry though as well and clean as will mould if allowed.
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