Discussion relating to ants kept in different types of mediums, soil, sand etc.
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By Leafcutter
Does anyone know where I will be able to find some white sand loam mixes online?
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By number6
i use this hard to find white sand loom unless its bulk most use it for golf course sandpits the bags a bit bulky lol

http://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Block-Pa ... g/p/220201
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By jonthefish
Have you tried play pit sands, like from Argus and children centers, they have to be safe for children, then aquatic stores can sell all kinda sands.
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By Leafcutter
I've just been looking around and I have found that AntHouse sells white sand-loam mixes :). Thanks for the suggestions anyway guys ;).

@Hyperion found one

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