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By number6
@Dan i really hope it is a troll
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By scarletAsh
ANTEXPERT wrote:Hello and thank you for the replys. I really really REALLY wish this was a joke.

I had a friend who works for a a local wildlife trust have a look.

And he / she was completely fine that a highly aggressive, highly dominant species of ant which is extremely hazardous to the wildlife that surrounds it existing in a place where they shouldn't be with the potential to spread like fire? (Excuse the pun, certainly isn't a laughing matter if real).

The back of my garden backs up onto a school field and we had a quick scout around to see if they had got through the fence.

Moving passed the already addressed "fence" issue. Solenopsis Invicta are a very aggressive species of ant which swarm and sting therefore a threat to children themselves. Not that they are necessarily an imminent danger but enough to be noticed by the school and enough for the ants to be investigated by said school surely? It seems weird that no pupil would have ever come into contact with them and no staff would have ever picked up on them.

We found a nest nearby and then another. We ended up finding nests more than 50 meters away from our garden.We counted 4 separate colony's and we only walked around for a short time.

Where did you walk? Up the pavement out the front of your house? Hopped into other gardens and checked them out? Casual stroll around a school field after getting over the fence?

My Ozy ants don't seem to have left the garden. Infact when I tried to point them out yesterday I couldn't find them.

Perhaps the highly aggressive Solenopsis Invicta decided to finally evict their much larger neighbours rather than coexist after these 2 years? How far in proximity were the two nests anyway? How large is your garden? How built up is the area? If they spread into next doors garden and have potentially swarmed the cat why has no one else raised the alarms and yet other species of ant still able to live side by side with them? Why is it that the most dubious of the two species is suddenly out of the picture? Not that Solenopsis Invicta is likely but as already stated earlier Myrmecia Pyriformis sounds like utter BS.

My friend said it could already be too late to destroy all the nests

How awfully defeatist because what's the point in looking for a resolve?
New Zealand has successfully eradicated Solenopsis Invicta and China are doing a pretty good job with baiting and a combination of other methods. The US is struggling as the problem was allowed to get massively out of hand and the species to cover huge swathes of country side.

if I come forwards now I could end up in a lot of shit.

If you don't and the problem gets worse you certainly will. Just because you delete your account after each post doesn't give you anonymity past that of which we (the average public) can see, any authority holding investigation can overcome that barrier.

The information already gathered on you that you voluntarily gave is, and I'll list:

Rents out house / multiple properties.
Lives behind a school in Birmingham
Has a neighbour who had a cat named Tardis (pet records involved as well now)
Made posts on this forum from an internet access with some form of ID to it e.g. Ip address, phone number etc...

If what you claim is true the whole not getting caught went out the window with posting on a public domain. Not that you have been reported or anything. I wouldn't know if anyone has contacted any form of authority over this but none the less these details are now permanently on the internet and archived. Even if it is removed and out of our view.

I made a mistake but I'm not going to pay out $1000s for it.

You have multiple properties, can afford exotic and expensive ant species as well as ways to maintain conditions for them, you're very worried and preach about a good conscience.... Yet not willing to dip into the pocket to solve the problem? If you went to the authorities the tax payer would shaft most the bill anyway and you'd just face a fine and responsibility will be placed on relaxed import laws

I can't even in good conscious put poison down because it's on a school field, what if someone got poisoned??

The same good conscience that would allow children to be around such a species of swarming stinging ant? Even with the possibility of allergic reactions, anaphylaxis. The same conscience which is happy to see the wildlife around you be subjected to such a harmful alien species? The same conscience which is obviously second to in the grand scheme of things a relatively small amount of money? Even though it could also have catastrophic effects on the economy?

So yep that's it. I guess the local environment will have to adapt.

Now this is the really obvious troll baiting. The conclusive ignorant ending and wanting to stick your head in the sand. Coming to people which actually do worry about such stuff and ringing alarm bells to then only conclude you'll leave us powerless as you do nothing but allow the spread of an alien species to potentially wreak havoc.

Excuse me for if you're telling the truth then this is indeed worrying and urgently needs addressing and I would happily try to be as much help as possible but you don't offer any evidence other than what you have written. A simple picture would be evidence enough of the species being what it is and existing where you say. I'm not referring to a simple copy and pasted picture off the internet as that would be easy to find as a fake. You don't give any details in the size of the colonies and remain very vague on the location and conditions. You can't even keep your account up on the website. Until you can give some form of evidence and some form of consistency and willing to solve the problem I'm not going to take you seriously. It is after all a huge and concerning claim and with that so does the hardship of believing it and because of that as for now I still don't believe you're not a troll.

Where did you even manage to buy the species from anyway?
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By RobJ
Well said!!!!
Wouldn't it be a crime if someone knowingly released a non native species into the wild and also knowingly refuses to resolve the problem even though the environment could take serious damage? Or worse, if children might get hurt from the ants stings? Nature conservation act, "normal law" or something like this?

Wouldn't it also be a crime to pretend to have committed such crime, like the poster did in this thread?

Because then, either way, he has committed a crime.

If so, I will report him to his local authorities.

Btw, he does not live in Birmingham, he lives way more north in the UK, am I right Daniel?

It's not like I am overly righteous, I just hate trolls. So, Daniel, could you please tell us the truth now without trying to screw with us again? If you don't believe me that I know who you are:

Daniel M..i.e.. from Ne...s... ...n T..e

You like playing games, so do I.
Just tell us that is was just a troll and everything is fine with me but don't try to troll people and then hide by deleting your forum account...
I'm no admin or mod of this forum, so I had no access to your ip or email or anything. But guess what, it's the Internet.
Also, let me kindly point out that posting an April fools joke on April 2nd is the quintessence of failing.

Just be so kind and tell us the truth.
If you wonder how I found out so much about you:

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By number6
@scarletAsh all that at 4:48 am in the morning wouldn't want to mess with you at 4:48 pm lol @atantexpert http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ortho-0257560 ... SwI-BWO5lr
Yep, I was trolling. I wanted to see how people would react and respond. I don't own a house nor do I rent one. I'm just interested in ants and was wondering what would happen if you released fire ants into the UK. There was no information on this so I decided to create it. Thank you.

Well done on your detective work. (if you call searching for the entire question via Google and finding out where it was also posted 'detective work')
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By number6
there said the mayor ! that's that :-D
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By number6

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