Discuss keeping ants in here. Including what to feed them, hydration, development, disease and everything in between.
New members should post your questions in here.
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By veektoor
I'm looking for a species of ant that has different castes and is relatively easy to care for.
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By formica123
Atta Cephalotes, once the conditions are right, they kind of take less care than any other species, just give them leaves daily. Mine are really easy to keep so far
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By veektoor
Thanks again Dan. I read through everyone's atta posts and all I can say is crowd fund a public area because unless you are a millionaire you won't be able to house them forever. I'd love to be proved wrong and I've spent whole nights thinking how I'd house them but I want something that if I had to move in ten years I could take my colony with me.

I've currently got a pheidole pallidula queen and 10 workers so I'm only just starting and reading through everyone's journals I have a very uncertain path.

Cheers, V.

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