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By andavane
I was reading that ideally folks who keep the Leaf Cutter Ants could well use a moat.
For myself, I've been wondering what way to do this for some time. Not necessarily for Leaf Cutters but for any ant. For instance in the warmer days I'd remove the lid of the Casita set up and stand it in a bowl of water. The ants would have a lovely time running around on the outside of the tank, poking their "noses" into everything that was there.
Anyone use a more professional type of moat?
I haven't read about this subject anywhere!
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By veektoor
I would suggest checking out my oecophylla smaragdina build in the formicarium build section of this forum.

Also try looking on YouTube for videos on false bottom floors for naturalistic vivariums.

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By veektoor
Little walk through of how i made my moat.

Eggcrate cut size.


Covered the eggcrate with substrate mesh and siliconed into place.


Spare eggcrate siliconed together to create spacers.


Lay the eggcrate onto the spacers.


Lay down some LECA or hydrofleece to raise humidity (optional). Then finally add the substrate and decor. To keep calcium from building up around the edges you should use reverse osmosis water and to keep the water from stagnating you should use a small filter.

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By RobJ
The end result looks fantastic, really cannot wait until the ants are introduced

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