Discuss keeping ants in here. Including what to feed them, hydration, development, disease and everything in between.
New members should post your questions in here.
The question "how large should the farm be?" is a bit strange as ideally you want expand the nest as the colony grows.

Could you send me the link for farm design 3 please.

I think the idea of an "ultimate" ant nest is flawed as you couldn't interchange a L.flavus nest for a leafcutter nest or a oecophylla for a myrmecocystus. Some species of ant need very specific nests/ conditions.

Cheers, V.
All done - interesting stuff :-D
The questions sometimes are a bit unspecific, for example I'd like to have a NEST that can be expanded by plugging more modules directly to it (either vertically or horizontally, whatever makes more sense with the design), but I don't want the entire setup that way as I like to have tubes between the nest and the outworld/foraging ground.
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