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By T.C.
Hey people, i am going to be hibernating my Camponotus pennsylvanicus colony outside like I do with all of my Camponotus pennsylvanicus colonies. However my one queen just has larvae and I believe they have stopped growing in preparation for hibernation. I gave her a spider when she had eggs and she ate the whole thing. But she is looking a little skinny again so I was hoping she would eat the second spider I gave her yesterday. Mind the spider I gave her before was about 2 months ago so she has got to be hungry. However she hasn't touched it. I'll try giving her some honey or sugar water later today, but should I just put her into hibernation in the next three weeks anyway? I have to put this colony out now before it starts to freeze and while the temp is still reasonable, so the temperature drops slowly on her and she will slowly enter hibernation as well.
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Yes that shouldn't be a problem

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I expect the colony to gain around 70 new workers […]