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For Christmas I am getting my own ant colony of Lasius Niger. I think it will probably just be a queen and 10+ workers when I get it and I was wondering what I should feed them? When I was on the internet researching this I found this list of foods they like and dislike.


Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms
Cooked Chicken
Mosquito Larva
Honey Water
Boiled egg
Small water snails (about .5 cm shell length)

Beetle Jelly
Brown sugar water
Bluebottle Flies
Raw chicken
May like:

Honey water
Pork Jelly from pies
Spiders (Has to be fresh)
Hummingbird nectar

I got the list from http://antfarm.yuku.com/topic/14178/Pre ... Bi9YvqLSUl

I was wondering what I should feed them out of this list. Would honey water also be good for drinking water?

Additionally I was wondering what sort of nest I should use for them? I'm thinking of getting a starterkit from antkit but antscanada has a lasius hybrid nest (which I cant get because of shipping tax or something like that.)

I am also new to ant keeping.

If my queen has 10 or more workers should I put their test tube into an outworld and remove the plug so I can allow them to forage?
You can basically try everything from the list.
Personally, I feed my Lasius Niger and Flavus with crickets, mealworms, protein jelly (strawberry is their favourite), flies, mosquitos, honey water and sugar water. I always have two test tubes. One for water and one for sugar water.

Yes, you can put the test tube in an Outworld. If your colony is 10 workers strong it's too small for a nest. Move them into a nest when they reach around 30 workers. The nest should grow with the colony. If the nest is too big the ants might use the chambers for junk and trash which can cause mold.
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Oh and what I forgot is that you need to hibernate Lasius Niger from October to March. It is possible to not hibernate them but it's not recommended. RobJ has a caresheet on his website if you want to check it out. He also has a YouTube Channel where you can find information on basically everything. :-)
Hope everything goes well for you!
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Yes that shouldn't be a problem

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