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By Serafine
Just try around and see how fast they eat it up. You should give them as much as they want, if you're applying too much they will simply ignore it and you know you can reduce the amount of jelly you give to them.
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By Dan
Completely agree with what Serafine said, but a good starting amount is probably the equivalent of a pea size.
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By Serafine
Well, we humans tend to forget that ant colonies have individual personality and taste as well. Just because one ant colony may like something doesn't mean another colony of the same species will like it as well. That's why you should try around and test as much food sources as possible.

Also like with humans ant colony taste might change over time (plus they usually only go for protein on a grand scale when they have brood because adult ants can't eat solid food, they need their larvae to break it up).

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