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Hi guys i got 2 colonies of C. Barbaricus about a month ago, but one of them is refusing to move out of the original test tube i got them in, the water is running low and it's getting mouldy, but they refuse to move no matter what i do. I've tried connecting their test tube to an antkit acrylic setup but they refuse to move even after altering topography, heat, lighting and pretty much anything else i can think of.

So after having no success i've now today just taped the original test tube with the entire colony inside, to an identical test tube and made sure to shine light on the original tube and im making sure it's raised and at too cool a temperature, as they seem to react more to the cold than the heat.

My next step if this doesn't work will be to put them directly into their outworld in the test tube and just have an acrylic antkit nest attached to the side.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i don't want the mould to start effecting the brood.
@Jack Kuma, it can take quite a long time for them to move. Patience is important though if it was a single worker then I would have probably tapped in out of there by now. Might be you'll just have to wait until the water is gone and the nest becomes too dry to be a feasible living area for the ant. Until then there isn't any urgency.

Like you stated I normally get very quick moves by having the nest they're in cool down while the alternative nest is warmed to about 26°C - 28°C. That being said however you might just trigger the colony to go into hibernation at that point and with the time of year. Having the test tube connected to the antkit nest via a decent length of tubing have the test tube almost vertical. That's all the advice I can offer sorry. Hopefully someone will have better ideas than me. Out of curiosity how many ants in total does each colony have. If it's a small size they will naturally be very reluctant to leave the claustral cell.
Good news all finally they've moved! it took literally 2 hours or so of having 2 test tubes taped together at a tilted angle the clean one below, and the lower one being warmer than the one above, hopefully i didn't cause too much stress but now i can rest easy knowing the mould wont effect the brood.

Have a nice night guys!
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