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By Snaked
Guys, its this a alate queen or just a male?
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By Nile Antboy
It is a queen acromermex sp (formiga cortadeira) try and keep her in a small tub with moist paper on the bottom and see if she lays eggs in a few weeks if not let her go but try and find one with out wings as this one might not be fertile because she still has wings :-D Best time to look is at early morning or late afternoon after it rains.
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By formica123
Place her in a small container with a layer of plaster of Paris or organic soil, keep humidity at 90%+ and temperature 23-25C in an incubator to avoid adjustments. Very hard species to care for for beginners. I'd reccomend giving her to someone advanced unless you want a challenge ;) Very fun once colonies are big. She doesn't have any fungus - without it she will die. I have some fungus, PM me.

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