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By Lee
Okay so I ordered three Lasius Niger queen's back in September and they just arrived today. The problem is one of them was dead on arrival (overflooded) one has a few nantics and a large brood but is limping as one of her front legs is broken, and my other one looks pretty healthy with a small amount of eggs. How should I proceed? I was thinking about brood boosting the healthy queen with the eggs off the queen with the broken leg as I'm not sure she will last long.
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By Occultus
I would continue to care for her and leave her eggs with her. She may just live a full life.
My Camponotus auriventris colony has a queen with a broken front leg. She is slow moving but super productive.
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By milant
depends. like occultus said a broken leg doesnt effect a queen in captivity all that much especially with L.Niger been fully claustral. in the wild she'd likely die as she couldnt get to food but the workers will look after her and they may just end up dragging her about to get her places. my messor barbarus queen has a broken rear leg and the workers just drag her about. she is fine other than a broken leg
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By Lee
I'm currently in the process of moving her into a new test tube, I'll keep her comfortable and see how she goes.

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