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By fluffyredfox
Hi lovely Antppl....
I am generally interested in purchasing a small starter ant farm for a few of my neices/nephews (for xmas)
I see the "starter kit" deal ... what else would I need?
which "ant" would be a great starter ant?
can the formicaria be added to??
do you generally think this is a good idea??
many thanks in advance
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By milant
that should be everything you need for the very basics of ant keeping. for a beginner id recommend lasius niger as theyre cheap, basically impossible to kill as long as you feed and water them and they make quite cool ants to keep. if you want to make things a bit cooler for them you could get lasius flavus. L.Flavus has little orange/gold workers which look way cooler than nigers workers
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By Cyrus01
Hi, and welcome to the forum. I have had my first colony a month now and I went with Lasius Niger. They really are easy to look after and ideal for beginners. As for the starter kits, all I would say is the nest in the starter kit 4 is really a lot bigger than you think. I bought a starter kit 4 and ended up buying a separate size 02 nest. (The size 4 nest will come in a year down the line ) But I do like decoration options that come with the size 4 starter kit. Just to add to the choices, they have a starter kit one coming out in the next couple weeks.
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