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By jonthefish
At AntKit we get the odd delivery that will have a test tube now and again with this Red colouration, doesnt appear to cause the ants in the test tube any problems, however rather than taking a chance we always move to a clean tube. I would agree with offering them another tube, so they can move if they require.

Strangely none of the tubes used at AntKit have so far developed this Red, possibly a species of Cyano-bacteria colouration in the tubes. I wonder if this is due to the fact we steralise our tubes, cotton wool and use RO water, rather than tap water.
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By milant
i have no idea what would cause this. if it was tap water id assume it would be some sort of clay deposit but its RO so i have no idea. offer a new test tube. if the ants consider it an issue theyll move
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By Cooper
i don't have a clue it only happened ther a few days ago never happened before and its not happening to the other test tubes i have in the box only the one they stay in so its very strange indeed i use RO water and just normal cottton balls @milant, @jonthefish,
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By jonthefish
I add a tad of plain mains tap water to remineralise my RO water, so I could be reintroducing too much nutrients back in. If I get the time, i might try a selection of different waters and light levels, i suppose there is also the species of ant, how many workers. I think i am looking to deep into this ha.
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By MrFantasticAj
I used bottled water and had the same when setting up for my queens. Used the same bottle to fill 7 plus tubes and only one done it. Queen and workers doing well though.

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Cooper wrote:@OTHER, @milant, heres a photo

mmm, turning a pale pink colour... Fascinating! So I take it water was clear when you first had the tube?
I am thinking... Oxides of iron... I wonder what the ants were eating prior to coming to you?

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By ManicaLuca
I think it's most likely a culture of Serratia marcescens growing in there. It's easy enough to contaminate non sterile cotton wool. Don't think its harmful to ants, but not great for human health. Encourage the ants to change tube if you can. If not, it's probably fine just avoid contact with the contents of the tube.
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