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By Jinjernut1
At what pont can i introduce two queens to eachother?
Also is there anything i should know before keeping this species? Good tips or things to avoid
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By Serafine
I don't think these ants are polygynous at all, so never.

Things to avoid:
- temperatures below 20°C (they are Asian ants that can't deal with cold and they do not hibernate)
- making the nest too moist (Camponotus in general like it less moist)
- disturbing them too much (especially during the founding stage)
- putting them into a formicarium too early (do NOT put them into a formicarium until they have at least 20-50 workers, before that keep them in a test tube of appropriate size, if needed put the test tube into an outworld)
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By Dan
Taken from myantshop.com:
"This species is polygynous and as the colonies increase in size they will allow newly mated queens to enter the nest. Once the new queens have been fully accepted they will frequently move around at night between the different nest sites."
By Adam.ant
It can be done but only in mature colonies, so that would be 1000+ workers before they might accept a new Queen. And even then there is no guarantee, most likely outcome is that they would kill the new Queen.

Why is it you wanted the second Queen?
By Jinjernut1
I just like the idea of a polygonous colony, if a queen dies the colony lives on, and if i want to expand the colony i simply add another queen (provided they accept said queen) is there another species you could suggest that fit my ideal criteria?
5mm or bigger
Major - minor
Easy to keep
No hibernation!!!
You may be able to integrate a new queen once the founder queen dies. The workers will live on fairly well enough for a good while so once the old queen is thrown out I would try to have the new queen welcomed in which is possible though still risky. Camponotus nicobarensis queens I believe can live up to 25 years though referring to what is said on Antstore.
A polygynous colony is where multiple Queens exist at the same time. Simply adding a new Queen if the founder Queen dies is not polygyny. Depending on the species, introcuding a new Queen is possible but risky as ScarletAsh says.
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