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By veektoor
The Citrus mitis tree in my oecophylla smaragdina enclosure is on the way out and I dont know what I'm doing wrong. I think its lack of moisture but I hand mist daily, the moat adds humidity and I made a mini irrigation system. If anyone has any recommendations on particular plants I can check out or improvements i can make to the enclosure please let me know.

The plant needs to be about 100cm tall with broad shiny leaves and can tolerate between 25-29°C, preferably something with low water requirements.

If anyone one could point me in the direction of some good advice I'd really appreciate it. I've been considering joining a gardening and cannabis growing forum for some ideas but I'm not sure how to explain my situation.

I have a mistking misting system that I could put in there but I don't have a good way to protect the CHE, light and fans from water damage.

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

Cheers, Viktor.
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By Leafcutter
Ficus benjamina are supposed to be good and last a long time if in the correct conditions.

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By veektoor
Leafcutter wrote:Ficus benjamina are supposed to be good and last a long time if in the correct conditions.


I'm definitely considering a F. benjamina. I just don't want to go through the hassle of swapping the plants over for the plant to then die a few months later.
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By Antwedgle
So long as you've kept the humidity, soil moisture and temperature about right, and occasionally thrown some plant food at it, then likely enough it just picked up some fungal or parasitic infection it was particularly susceptible to off of a feeder insect, and whatever plant you put in next will do fine, though obviously I'd change whatever substrate you're keeping it in before adding the new plant.
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By Occultus
I've seen Antstore successfully house Oecophylla smaragdina in an artificial Ficus tree. As long as the humidity and heat are correct they should still weave their nests without a problem and you'll not need to constantly replace the nest.

Just look at how the Indonesian Oecophylla smaragdina farmers house them using upside down jars. The humidity and heat are correct and the clever ants create their own perfect nest purley from silk.

I don't think constantly swapping plants is practical in the long run when you have over 5000+ biting smaragdina :)
I'm sure you'll find an ingenious solution soon.
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By formica123
Why don't you try using test tubes or jars as che said?
If not - I recommend rhododendron. I've got a tree here in France and it doesn't need much water, in summer it doesn't rain for months at a time here and the trees are fine. Also, I've seen them on rhododendron in Australia on a friends picture.
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By veektoor
Thanks for the links and info. I've got a load of research and emails to send out. If anyone has any other input feel free to leave it here.

Cheers guys!
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By beantalk
that my best suggestion there is many indoor plant that have big leaves or many leave and most indoor plant have long live leave and wont "think" its better to kill off leaves n store resources there is not enough sun to cook anyway.
ficus also not good
usually live on open field
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