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By Cyrus01
I'm planning to get a Messor Barbarus colony soon. I'm doing my pre purchase home work and I was wandering, what the best way to heat them.
From looking at my lasius niger journal the temp jumps from 21 to 25 mostly arround 23. So to get it to a steady 25 I'm going to need a heat source.

I'm thinking a low watt (3w) heat mat and thermostat. With the mat between some thick card and under the nest. but can any one recommend one, another way to do it?

Is it only half the nest that needs heating?

Or would Messor Barbarus be ok at that slightly lower temp?
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By Jodie
Bump, I too would be interested in ideas. I was thinking a stick on heat mat on the side of a box. Bit like a terarium setup. I know some of you keep these what do you use?
By Geo
i find with heat mats, to judge the sweet spot is hard. my nicos (I used to have no longer do) due to queen died last year) those live in asia are used to high heat.. even my queen/ workers tried to run from the heat.. so i started to just stick the heat mat to the side of my wardrobe.. instead of directly under the nest I just heated around the nest.

antkit used to sell heat mats.. but due to the fire etc.. they have been rebuilding stock.

in most cases you'd heat half the nest.. so they can choose to move if it gets to hot and move somewhere cooler,also helps speed up brood development.
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By Leafcutter
The best way to achieve a constant temperature without heating the nest itself too much is to have an incubator or heated room. The incubator may just be a small vivarium but using a heat cable attached to the inside back of the incubator controlled by a pulse thermostat is a good way to go. You simply place the nest and out world into it and you can adjust the temperature of the air rather than the surface in contact with the heating element.

That's my personal opinion.
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