Discuss keeping ants in here. Including what to feed them, hydration, development, disease and everything in between.
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Not to sound mean but if you can't afford the hobby then you shouldn't do it. Even though they're "just insects" it's still not fair to have them if you can't afford their care. Basic ant keeping is incredibly cheap though. You can just capture a queen and keep her in a test tube (that's like £2)
TheAntLover 334 wrote:Hi guys, I just wanted to know is anyone here kind enough to help fund my ant supplies, hope this isn't wrong to ask if, so I apologize. Thanks in Advance.

I've sent you a PM :).
Thanks guys for the help I'll consider the test tube setup and can't wait till late spring and early summer to catch my camponotus queens, which is when we have spring and summer. So it's ant season by you guys from what I know, so best of luck with those queens :-)

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