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By Xc220009
Im very interested in ordering a messor queen soon. It will be in the uk. Please could someone give me some advice on how to care for her until she gets her first workers, for example how i hibernate her in the uk and does she need seeds in her test tube?

A quick reply would be very handy!

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By Hogy-Bear
You don't care for her... She is fully claustral and does not need food during this time. The supplier may put seed in just so the workers can feed when they hatch. You could offer a small bit of sugar water but this could result in her eating her own eggs due to stress. Best thing to do is just leave her alone in a quite place for a couple of months. Once she has workers you can feed them a small cricket leg or mealworm. For hibernation you can just leave them in a place where it is quite and will stay between 6-12 degree's. I keep mine in the Attic.

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By milant
She should produce her first nanitics before winter. You literally just leave her in the test tube for 1-2 months. I just set a reminder on my phone and forget about it

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