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By Xc220009
I have just recieved a colony of Myrmica Rubra and put them in a new nest snd realised that the queen and some wormers have small clear dots on their abdomens!
What should i do i really dont want them to die!!!!
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By Serafine
If they're only on the abdomen and NOT at places the leg joints your ants will NOT die. Your mites are pherotic, they do not hurt your ants, they only hitch-ride on them (to get to a better living-place). You can try something like lemons or dried tree sap but probably the best way to get rid of them is to add a small soil outworld to your setup where the mites can live in, then they will just hop off your ants and live happily in the soil forever.
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By milant
In 95% of cases mites are a good thing. They eat the ants waste and some mites consume methane too which stops a bad smell. As the person above said they're just hitching a ride and there's no reason to remove them but an aesthetic one
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By Serafine
Phoretic mites can be very disturbing for the ants so it is recommended to try getting rid of them. As said, the best way to get the mites off your ants is to offer them a better place to live. a small soil-filled outworld would be perfect (it would also be good for your ants because they can burry their garbage there which the mites then will eat).

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