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By milant
Starting this thread off as a way to track this years nuptial flights. Please follow the below format to make as accurate as possible.

Rough weather conditions (windy, clear skies, sunny etc):
Location (nearest city or better)
Brief summary:(of what you saw)
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By milant
Species: unconfirmed suspected lasius niger
Time: 12:00
Weather: overcast with moderate breeze
Location: hull
Brief summary/location of queen: No workers were guarding or escorting this alate and still had wings attached. Was walking my across a concrete path from a patch of grass
By joebrindle1
Species: Myrmica Rubra.
Time: 8pm
Rough weather conditions (windy, clear skies, sunny etc): sunny, clear
Location (nearest city or better): Devizes
Brief summary (of what you saw): lil red thing on my drivr

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By milant
Species: lasius niger x5
Time: 20:45-21:30
Rough weather conditions (windy, clear skies, sunny etc): clear skies, warm and humid
Location (nearest city or better): Hull
Brief summary (of what you saw): All caught walking across paths
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By milant
One of the queens I've captured was been attacked by a worker and I saved her before she died but now she has a dead worker that's stuck to her leg. This could be fun to see if she makes it
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By Zoron
Species: Camponotus Pennsylvanicus (x1)
Time: 20:15-20:25
Rough weather conditions (windy, clear skies, dark) warm
Location (nearest city or better): USA, CT, Hartford
Brief summary (of what you saw): Walking into my garage as I got home. :-D (My lucky day!)
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By Zoron
Species: Tetramorium (x1)
Time: 14:18-14:19 (2:18 pm - 2:19 pm)
Weather conditions: (Really Windy, Slightly cloudy, Humid, Hot, Looked like it is going to rain)
Location (nearest city or better): USA, CT, Hartford
Brief summary (of what you saw): Walking across my driveway as I was searching the ground for queen ants.
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By Squimbles
Species: Suspected lasius niger (unconfirmed)
Time: 18:00
Rough weather conditions: Uknown
Location: Crawley
Brief summary: My sister is going to Grenada and is currently in Crawley. She has just messaged me stating that there are flying ants everywhere. She also stated they were huge so I am not too sure if they are lasius niger. I shall ask her for an update.
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By scarletAsh
Just had some light rain about an hour ago here in Ipswich. Predominantly Lasius flavus having nuptial flights this evening here, some Lasius niger here as well but in much fewer numbers.
By Nile Antboy
This morning around copthorne , crawley lasius niger and flavus nuptial flight I have already caught to many lasius niger queens becatuse they are all over the place but I'm looking for a myrmica rubra nuptial flight around here.
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By Squimbles
Species: Myrmica rubra
Time: Happened around 19/07/17 but saw a couple earlier yesterday and expected to see more.
Rough weather conditions: Very dry and hot, no wind.
Location: Near Manchester
Brief summary: Saw one, caught one and found a dead one D:! Saw some more the next day. They seem to be flying over a course of a couple of days as the weather isn't perfect rn!
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By Squimbles
^ Same In Burnley :D I was happy xD! Caught around 40 or so!
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By Squimbles
Attention- another lot of ants flying again today in Burnley UK. The weather is partly cloudy but the wind is non existent and the temp is nice. They started flying at 5pm

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