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By Zoron
Hello again,
Been a while still searching for a good time lapse camera but I have an issue... My carpenter ant queen lost her first worker and now has pups ready to hatch however one is only partly hatched. Only antenna sticking out and the queen ignores it. Not sure what I should do but I hate to see it struggle in its own cocoon. Any suggestions or comments please post! Thank you
Not sure why it would die if I were to do something. But it seems a bit strange the queen won't help it hatch. She lost the first worker to natural causes and it is just her and her eggs and this struggling worker stuck in its pupa shell with antennae only sticking out.
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You'd kill it because animals who have exoskeletons are basically sponges until the exoskeleton hardens. Imagine if you had no bones and someone started poking and jabbing you. Also, it's basically impossible for a human to have a delicate enough touch to not kill it
Just reporting back to say I went ahead with the Assisted Ant Hatching (AAH). This was performed early yesterday morning! (Aug 15th, 2017).
I took out the pupa with the antenna sticking out which happened to include a much younger pupa stuck to the back side of the ant. Using small pincers (used for removing splinters) I grabbed near the antenna under a bright light to verify no limbs or other vitals were damaged when I pinched the cocoon. Not wanting to tear the cocoon I used a blunt headed needle to gently "pet" between the ant and the cocoon. After 3-7 times the cocoon had a small tear! I repeated process several time losing my grip on occasion and having to reset it. Eventually they were separated! The ant seemed not able to walk about but quite able to disco on its back. That was re-assuring I did something right. Ignoring the ant I placed the cocoon and pupa attached to it (still...) back directly next to the nest. Soon following the newly AAHed ant. The first response to this was panic because I disturbed her for the 2nd time in 7 minutes. Then she spilled the brood pile everywhere cleaned it up and went back to normal. She investigated the ant after cleaning up everything... the queen touched antenna and seemed to try and find a way to grab the ant. But with no way she scurried over it causing the ant to retake its inside cocoon position. Once left alone it skittered about still on its back not moving far and eventually got its head facing upright toward the nest. Seeing that one of its legs were still in position from the cocoon I felt like I had damaged it during this delicate procedure. I was quite worried but I left them to their thing. Now today at well LATE at night o saw the ant crawling about on all six legs! Quite a shocking sight for me! It came right up to the glass to stare back at me for a bread second. That one ant... I can't forget.

Anyway that's also what inspired me to reply with this "book" worth of text.

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