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By Nile Antboy
I'm going to brazil tomorrow and I was wondering if the were any antkepers there because I was hoping if allowed I could bring some ant queens back?
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By Squimbles
Hello, I went to Bulgaria recently from the UK and saw a huge queen ant, biggest I'd ever seen, much larger than my Camponotus Ligniperdus. I wanted to take it but I decided to leave it. The insect laws in Europe are quite complicated and I didn't want to risk losing it at the airport or post office to security. I'm pretty sure the laws would be even more complicated between Brazil and Europe. I'd recommend not trying anything in Brazil if you aren't certain what the laws are like. If you're travelling from Europe to Brazil, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to import/export insects. America has already suffered an invasion of fire ants from Europe in the recent years which now dominate the majority of the land.
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