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As the title says, I recently became interested in antkeeping and noticed a queen elate while on a walk this evening in Pennsylvania. I was surprised to see one so late in the season (it has been very warm recently however), so I used a empty water bottle to capture her before moving her into a glass vial with wet cotton / dry cotton as I have seen other antkeepers do. She is now in a safe dark space to hopefully relax, however, I need to know if I must feed her or if she is a species that doesn't require food (only water) before her first workers hatch. Hopefully the attached picture is clear enough - She is quite small for a queen, and workers found a short distance away are even smaller, so she must be a small species. I suppose time will tell if she mated or not - She was found a little ways from a nest, however, with her wings still on her who knows...
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